Presidential election results may go to SCOTUS

    It seems that the battle, over the highly disputed, Presidential election results, is being presented to the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS). A formal motion has been filed, supported by 17 states, alleging violations of many of the states’ election laws. As the motion stipulates, only the individual state legislatures may legally change any voting procedures, within that state. See the attached PDF, for the complete motion.


TX-v-PA WI MI GA Motion-2020-12-07 US S Ct.pdf (810KB)

COVID-19 restrictions ruled unconstitutional

A Pennsylvania federal court (County of Butler v Thomas W. Wolfe, et al, Civil Action 2:20-cv-677) has ruled that restrictions on personal freedom or other actions, based on COVID-19, are unconstitutional and cannot be enforced. This appears to be the first such test case and, as others come up, can be used as precedent for examining those other cases. If you would like to review the entire ruling, please see the attached PDF.


Covid PA Fed Ct Exec Orders Unconst9-14-20 OCR.pdf (5.5MB)