SASI's and NCFGA's NRA BoD election recommendations

   Please feel free to distribute this, as far and wide as you see fit. SASI (the Suffolk County sportsmen's/women's association) and NCFGA (the Nassau County sportsmen's/women's association) have, as is the norm, carefully compiled a list of the most qualified candidates, running for seats, this year. The list and explanation are in the attached PDF.

NRA election recs.pdf (391KB)


                                                            DEC Managed Land Entries due December 4th

    January 7, 2018 marks opening day for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC's) special January shotgun season, for deer hunting, in Suffolk County.
    Over the past several years changes have been made to existing laws and regulations expanding opportunity for hunters.  These changes have been implemented to help increase recreational deer harvest to better manage increasing deer populations in Suffolk County. Overpopulations of deer have the ability to negatively impact natural habitats along with agricultural, public and private properties, and public health in the forms of automobile/deer collisions and tick-borne diseases. Hunting is DEC’s most effective and efficient known tool to maintain wildlife populations at levels that are compatible with communities and natural resources.
    The regular (bowhunting) season for deer in Suffolk County now runs through January 31. The 2018 firearms deer season in Suffolk County will begin Sunday, January 7 and continue until January 31, including weekends. Town permits are now only required in the Towns of Southampton, Islip and Smithtown.
    DEC regulations require that lands eligible for firearms deer hunting must be at least 10 acres in size, and hunters must possess a valid big game hunting license, a signed landowners endorsement, and a town permit where required. Deer may be taken only by:
        Shotgun, using a single ball or slug;
        Muzzleloading rifle or pistol, shooting a single projectile having a minimum bore of 0.44 inches.
        Shotgun barrels may be rifled, and telescopic sights may be used. Crossbows are not a legal hunting instrument in Suffolk County. Hunters should check with local towns and villages to determine any local restrictions or discharge ordinances.
    Hunters who wish to hunt on state-managed lands in Suffolk County will be able to take advantage of the expanded special firearms deer season as well the extended archery season. The following state managed properties will be open for shotgun deer hunting from January 7 - 31:
    1) Rocky Point Natural Resources Management Area;
    2) Westhampton Dwarf Pine Plains Preserve;
    3) Henrys Hollow Pine Barrens State Forest;
    4) Barcelona Neck Cooperative Hunting Area;
    5) David Sarnoff Cooperative Hunting Area and
    6) Otis Pike Preserve.

    The East Hampton Cooperative Area and Noyac (part of the Southampton Cooperative Areas) will be open for firearms deer hunting from January 8 – 31; weekdays only.
    To hunt for deer on DEC managed lands, during the firearms season, hunters must enter a drawing. Entries must be received at NYSDEC-Deer Drawing, PO Box 659, Ridge NY 11961-0659, by 4:45 p.m., Monday, December 4th, 2017. Entries can also be hand delivered to the Ridge Hunter Check Station by the above date. There are no applications for this drawing. To enter, hunters must send a No. 10 (4⅛" x 9½") envelope. This envelope must contain a self-addressed, stamped, No. 10 or No. 9 return envelope. The hunter must write his/her back tag number on the back of the return envelope. Entries submitted in other than No. 10 envelopes, or including other than No. 10 or No. 9 return envelopes will be rejected.
    You may only send one entry. Individual who send more than one entry will have all of his or her entries removed from the drawing. Each member of a two-hunter party may send one entry.

    Drawing entrants will receive a notice telling them when to appear at the Ridge Hunter Check Station to make a reservation to hunt on DEC-managed lands. Reservations will be made December 18-21, 2017.
    Hunters looking to archery hunt on state-managed lands during the extended season can hunt at Brookhaven State Park Cooperative Hunting Area, Calverton Pine Barrens State Forest, Carmen’s River Pine Barrens State Forest, East Bartlett Conservation Area, Ridge Conservation Area, Wildwood State Park Cooperative Hunting Area and DEC tidal wetlands that are currently open to archery hunting. All hunters are required to have a DEC-Managed Lands Access Permit to hunt on these properties.

Females and Firearms Educational Event


SASI will be conducting it's first, annual Females and Firearms Educational Event (FAFEE), on Saturday, October 21st, 2017, at Old Bethpage R&P Club, 70 Kean Street, in West Babylon.

If you would like to learn:
how to safely handle a firearm,
about safe storage options, for your home,
about modern or historic firearms,
in a female-only class,
in a safe, friendly environment and/or
about competitive shooting and/or hunting basics,

then this Females and Firearms Educational Event is perfect for you!

    In the morning, from approximately 9am, until noon, you will be in the classroom, gaining a basic understanding of firearms fundamentals. After that, we will provide you with a free lunch, consisting of pizza and soft drinks. After lunch, you will proceed to our indoor range, in small groups, for one-on-one shooting instruction, with experienced instructors, to shoot .22 caliber rifles. We will be providing all the required equipment, including rifles, ammunition, ear protection, eye protection and targets. You will keep your targets and ear plugs, as mementos.

    Preregistration is required. Registration forms are attached, in PDF format. The registration form must be printed, completed, then mailed, to  Please mail all completed forms to:

Insurance/Contract Review Unit, Recreational and Special Programs Underwriting Dept., Protective Insurance, 101 N. Wellwood Ave., Lindenhurst, NY 11757-400101.

. There are TWO, DIFFERENT registration forms: one each, for adults and minors. All valid registrations will be confirmed, by telephone. Only preregistered students will be able to attend. Sign-in time, that morning, is 8:45.


Hold harmless agreement, adults, for FAF.pdf (293.1KB)Parental permission and hold harmless, for FAF.pdf (295.9KB)

TWO new, federal lawsuits, which may kill NY's unSAFE Act

    There are TWO California federal law suits, which have the potential to knock the socks off NY’s unSAFE Act, via SCOTUS. They are:

Duncan et al. v. Becerra, No. 17-1017 (Southern District of California brief, filed June 5th, 2017); and Wiese et al. v. Becerra, No. 17-cv-00903 (Eastern District of California brief, filed June 23rd, 2017).

Both are challenging California’s similar statute and are NOT expected to be collapsed, for fear of going forward, as was the NY suit. NRA and other organizations are strongly behind each of these actions.

PDFs of each complaint are attached, for your review.

Duncan-v.-Becerra_Filed-5-17-17_Complaint.pdf (534.9KB)Wiese v Becerra, amended complaint.pdf (1MB)