About Us

About SASI

  • Suffolk Alliance of Sportsmen Inc., also known as SASI, was formed in 1976. Now, with more than 150,000 members and affiliates, SASI is one of the largest sporting organizations in New York.
  • SASI works everyday to help protect your rights when it comes to hunting, fishing, archery, trapping, shooting, and most other sports and outdoor activities. SASI is also on a constant watch to help protect your personal and constitutional freedoms.
  • Suffolk Alliance of Sportsmen Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organization.
  • SASI has quarterly general meetings that are open to members and non-members. If you would like to attend one of our general meetings, the date, time, and location is posted on the meetings page.
  • We continually work with Suffolk County government and the Suffolk County Sportsmen's Advisory Council, to open more of the public land the county has purchased to hunting and fishing activities.
  • We sponsor the annual National Hunting & Fishing Day Expo for all of Long Island.
  • We actively work with the Suffolk County and NYS Legislatures, to protect and expand your rights.

Where SASI is

  • A representative of SASI attends each meeting of the New York State Conservation Council (NYSCC) and takes an active part in its deliberations.
  • We attend the meetings of, participate in and represent your interests with the DEC for freshwater fishing.
  • We are members of the Pine Barrens Management Team.
  • Our bow hunting committee pursues county and state officials for better recognition of bow hunting needs on Long Island.
  • SASI intends to stay on top of the Fire Island deer hunting and deer immuno-contraception controversies.
  • We are continuing our efforts to make handgun purchase documents easier to obtain.

What SASI has done for YOU

  • Convincing 61 of New York's 65 counties to vote in opposition to a saltwater fishing license and obtaining the NYSCC's support to continue the pheasant stocking program.
  • We were successful in getting Suffolk County to lengthen its deer hunting season to three weeks.
  • We convinced Suffolk County to open Robert Cushman Park and Montauk County Park for hunting.
  • The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) extended its Deer Management Unit (DMU) permit program to include Long Island, because of SASI's pressure for a second deer for bow hunters.
  • We succeeded in increasing the term of Suffolk-issued pistol licenses, from 3 to 5 years.
  • We led the negotiations with the Suffolk Police Department and the Suffolk Sheriff, to obtain the broadened [less restrictive] categories of Suffolk County-issued handgun licenses.
  • We were responsible for the elimination of Suffolk County's "locked-box" handgun regulations.
  • We put pressure on Suffolk County for the fishing pier on Lake Ronkonkoma, so that youth and the disabled could better access that lake's facilities.
  • We were largely responsible for the opening of a Fall Turkey season on Long Island
  • We were instrumental in effecting both a Spring Youth Turkey weekend and a Fall Youth Pheasant weekend