Crossbow crunch time

We are heading into the last full week of the budget negotiations. The crossbow issue will most likely go down to the wire to be decided. It is imperative that everyone continues to reach out to the leadership of the Senate and especially the Assembly.
Please make some phone calls this week expressing your desire to have the crossbow proposal, as submitted by the Governor, be included in the final budget.
Your calls have been making a difference, but remember, we are not only needing to counter the anti crossbow archers, but there have been calls coming from the League of Humane Voters, The Humane Society of the United States and the New York State Humane Association and most likely other anti hunting groups are chiming in.
We sit in the best position ever, but we are not home free. Please, Please, Please, even if you already have, make the phone calls, especially to Speaker Silver. If we continue to work together, in just over a week, the DEC will have the authority to begin the process of setting regulations for crossbow use.
Let's get this done once and for all!
Best Regards,
Rick McDermott
New York Crossbow Coalition
Assembly Speaker Silver
Senate Co-President Skelos
Senate Co-President Klein
LOB 932
Albany, NY 12248
Albany, NY 12247
Albany, NY 12247
Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee Chairman
Robert Sweeney
LOB 625
Albany, NY 12248
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