Annual Youth Shoot

    The FREE event is open to all boys and girls, ages 12~17, at the time of the event.
    The date is Saturday, May 4th. The location is Old Bethpage Rifle & Pistol Club, at 70 Kean St., West Babylon. The time for the youngsters to arrive, is by 8:45am.
    The youngsters will be in the upstairs classroom, from 9am~noon, during which time they will participate in a youth-friendly version of the basic NRA Rifle Safety Course, for which they will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.
    After the class, there will be a lunch break. We will be catering lunch, which will consist of pizza and soft drinks, for all of the youngsters, plus staff, all no cost to you. Coffee will be available, at lunch.
    After lunch, the youngsters will move downstairs, in groups of 10~13 at a time, to the range, where they will shoot, for qualification, with qualified Instructors, in a one-on-one scenario. Those who are not shooting will remain in the classroom, until their turn to shoot. Those who have completed shooting, will return to the classroom, while the others shoot. If your group finishes, before all others have completed the cycle, you are free to leave, if you wish.
    The youngsters will be allowed to keep their targets, as souvenirs, after they are scored and certified.
    If the youngster is a Boy Scout and wishes to qualify for the Rifle Merit Badge, he will have to provide his BSA Blue Card, which we will mail back to his Scout Master.
    We will have right-handed and left-handed rifles, for the youngsters.All required equipment and ammuntion will be provided, at no cost.
    If you are coming from the East or the West, take the Southern State Parkway, to the Straight Path exit, then go North, on Straight Path (approx ½ mile), to Edison Ave. Make a left, onto Edison, then go to Kean St. (just a few blocks). Make a right, onto Kean, then go to #70. It’s on the left, just past the fence company and the face of the building is a yellow-orange brick. It was built to look like just another factory, in this industrial area.
    Old Bethpage's parking lot can accommodate about 25 vehicles and street parking is legal.

    Registration forms are here:

Parental permission and hold harmless, for Youth Shoot.pdf (312.4KB)

Hold harmless agreement, for adults, for Youth Shoot.pdf (287KB)


BEWARE!!! E-15 is coming!

Please be aware of this, especially if you have a car made before 2012!!

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New Gas Coming To Stations.

It looks like they are starting to really push this stuff now so be careful what you pump. Pumps have to be clearly marked so don't use it. The cost will be slightly cheaper than the other options so it might look tempting. Most stations don't have it yet but be aware just in case. The EPA has changed the rules on corn used to make gasoline.

Don't use NEW GAS COMING TO STATIONS (everybody PLEASE READ and send this along to everyone you know).

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2016 SAFS announced

    Announcing the 2016 SAFS
    If you have an interest, in high power competition, then this course will serve you well. Upon completion, you will be able to safely enter and compete in any high power match, nationwide. This will be the 27th year we are providing this course. You will receive “hands on” instruction, from volunteer competitor coaches, throughout the weekend. This program is approved by the CMP and you will receive a certificate, from them, upon completion. All lead instructors are either current or past members on the NYS Service Rifle Team and are CMP Distinguished Riflemen.
    Many of you are aware that, for 2016, the CMP has reclassified the “Service Rifle,” to now include M-4 configurations, in addition to A-4 configurations. The CMP has, also, included the use of scopes, in competitions, up to 4½ power. This particular course will still be conducted, only on the AR-15 A-2 platform, with as-issued, iron sights. The reason for this is that it is a fundamental course and we want everyone on the same platform, for uniformity in instruction. Our host, The Peconic River Sportsman’s Club, has AR-15 A-2s, for loan. The high power league, which I run, is NRA approved. As the CMP has changed their rules, for 2016, you are invited to participate in our regular league matches, after completing the course, with scoped rifles, if you so choose. If you do so, you are not eligible for an NRA high power classification, as the NRA still requires the use of iron sights, in competition.
    The course is open to the first 66 entries received. It usually sells out early; so, register, ASAP. The attached PDF is the registration application.


SAFS app, 2016.pdf (197.6KB)SAFS app, 2016.pdf (197.6KB)